Ernie is a pro that provides excellent customer service! So thankful for the resources and experience he brings to the rotary community!

-Philip Backlin

Very knowledgeable and great service. Ernie is a huge benefit to the rotary community. His rates are great and his work is top notch!

-James Dwyer

Rebuilt my engine with pure soul and dedication. I would recommend his services of rotary with the best of them. Ernie is down right dedicated and down to earth as he is knowledgeable.

-Rich Kelting

Great work and great customer service. He keeps you well informed and updated while being 100% transparent. Would recommend for all rotary needs!

-Trevor Potter

This is the only place to take a rotary this guy kills it and works on everything as if it was his own A+ work

-Josh Kloppenberg

Bought a turbo 2 fc off Ernie, he rebuilt this car from the ground up with dedication and care. He has helped along the way with care instructions and being clear and transparent with me about any issues I would have to fix. Great guy and a great business highly recommend!

-Matthew Paronish