Compression Testing



        RX8/FD chassis cars

        All Other Rotaries

Don't pay dealership prices!

ALL compression tests are done with an

RCT-V5.2 Rotary-specific compression tester, corrected for RPM and elevation!


ALL compression tests will come with a print out of normalized readings on each rotor face in PSI, with an explanation of the test results!

Compression testing is a must-do item when purchasing or selling a rotary powered vehicle or monitoring the health of your engine.


Phalanx does NOT use a cheap piston engine compression tester, all of Phalanx compression tests are completed with an RCT-V5.2 rotary specific tester and the test results are corrected for RPM and elevation. This is in Phalanx' opinion the ONLY way to get accurate test results!


Along with your compression test, you will get a print out with normalized readings for each of the rotor faces in PSI.

We'll gladly give you an explanation of the results too!

note: alL our Rotary engine reBuilds come with a free compression test

  • Sales tax is not included in the above pricing.

  • All rebuilds will require your engine core, which must be in good condition; extras are not on-hand.

  • All removal/reinstallation fees include all fluids/filters/gaskets/seals and cleaning needed.

  • Engine break-in is available upon request.

  • All prices listed use OEM apex/corner/side seals, other seals may be substituted at your request.

  • All rebuilds are given a free compression test and seal test with rotary-specific tools.

  • Engine bearings are replaced as needed unless otherwise requested.

  • If internal damage is found, there will be an additional cost for repair / part replacement.

  • Tired rotaries typically exhibit housing wear, requiring them to be replaced or resurfaced.
    As this is not determined until after teardown, this is not included in the above prices.

    With RX-8s in particular, housing replacements are usually required around 80,000 miles due to wear.

  • All engines are painted in the color of your choice at NO EXTRA COST with VHT engine enamel.
    Specialty colors not found locally will have an extra charge associated, or you may supply the paint yourself.

  • Photo documentation will be created and supplied to the customer for all builds.

  • Prices are subject to change.