I get asked a lot about how to pronounce Phalanx and its meaning.


Pronounced "FAY-LANKS", originally established to help the local RX community bring life back into their rotary engine car and provide a specialist service across the rotary platforms. The meaning of Phalanx traces back to a military formation from antiquity which utilizes a group of elite shield bearers when formed together represent an impenetrable wall that moves in coordination to defeat the enemy. This mindset and spirit is woven into the fabric of our builds. We deliver a product that utilizes the right parts, the best techniques, with thorough transparency from start to finish.


All so that the enthusiast can take their build and win the war against the racetrack, drift circuit, rally or the street. 

Phalanx Performance is located at:

1565 Cornerstone Dr. Suite 104 St.Charles, MO. 63304